Step Into the Supernatural Realm in Mazatlán.

Engaging Supernatural Experiences With Dale Curwin

Seance.Mx is your go-to destination for an otherworldly experience with Dale Curwin and his alter-ego, the Victorian Dr. Allistar Wentworth. Delve into the supernatural as they offer captivating paranormal evenings and immersive theatrical seances. With their mesmerizing performances, they transport you to a world beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling adventure or simply curious about the unseen, Seance.Mx promises unforgettable encounters with the supernatural realm. Step into the unknown and embrace the mysteries that await.

Private Readings

A private reading by an adept using a very rare and arcane system which explores the depths of your known and unknown.

Paranormal Home Party

Host an enchanting home mini-séance, exploring Victorian divination through pendulum dowsing, glass moving, and scrying sessions.

Manifestations Live – The Seance

An authentic re-imagining of a Victorian Era Spirit Seance. Our invited guests will form the Circle of Twelve at a lace covered table.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Seance.Mx?

We offer unique experiences that set us apart from the rest.

Immersive Paranormal Evenings

Our captivating events transport you into a world of supernatural wonders.

Expert Guidance from Dr. Allistar Wentworth

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the renowned Victorian Dr. Allistar Wentworth or his contemporary representative Dale Curwin.

Uncover Mysteries Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the unseen and embrace the unknown through our mesmerizing performances.

English Language Entertainment in Mazatlán

What Our Participants Say

Seance.Mx truly delivers an otherworldly experience that leaves you in awe. Dale Curwin’s performances are enchanting and captivating.

– John Smith

The immersive seance at Seance.Mx was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It felt as though I was truly communicating with the supernatural.

– Emily Johnson

Seance.Mx takes you on a thrilling journey into the supernatural. It’s an unforgettable and mesmerizing adventure.

– Sophia Clark

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