The image shows an over-the-shoulder view of a greying middle-aged man facing a middle-aged woman. They are seated at a small table, which holds a thick leather-bound navy blue book, several blank business cards, and a collection of esoteric objects. The setting suggests an intimate, private consultation or meeting, with a focus on the items on the table and the interaction between the two individuals. The atmosphere is contemplative and subtly mystical.

Private Readings

Dale Curwin offers uniquely personal, one-on-one private readings within the comfort of your own home in Maztalán. These sessions are far from ordinary, providing a profound and intimate experience unlike anything else.

Dale specializes in using two distinct oracles for the readings, giving you the option to choose the one that resonates most deeply with you.

The Sorry Tale: A Personal Conversation with Patience Worth

The first option is a reading using “The Sorry Tale,” a book published in 1916 with a captivating history. Only a handful of these books were designated as Oracle copies, and Dale is the custodian of one.

This reading facilitates a direct communication with the spirit of Patience Worth. Dale’s role is that of a facilitator, guiding you through the process. The uniqueness of this reading lies in its privacy; there is no need for you to vocalize or write down your question. It remains a confidential matter between you and Patience.

Ancient Plates Reading: A Gateway to Deeper Perception

Alternatively, Dale offers readings using an ancient set of plates that, when combined, constitute a book. Individually, each plate serves as a portal to an enhanced level of understanding and perception.

Dale will interpret the intricate imagery found on each plate for you. This option delves deeply into the symbolism and messages of the plates, offering a rich interpretation. Though comprehensive, this reading is generally less private and personal compared to the experience with “The Sorry Tale.”

For those seeking a profound, reflective, and truly unique reading experience, Dale Curwin’s private sessions offer a rare opportunity to explore the depths of your questions and curiosities in a manner that is both intimate and respectful of your privacy.

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